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You incarnated with a soul mission. With experiences that would support your soul's evolution and awakening. Now, the world needs your true, authentic self to show up.

In ancient times, Oracles were highly respected for their intuitive gifts and abilities above leaders, for even they made the trip across distant lands to consult the Oracle for guidance.
The Ascension Strategy is a modern-day journey guided by me as your deep dive into Love, Awakening and Purpose.
This is where I share the highest level of teachings, activations, and 1:1 guidance.

Each Ascension Strategy is curated to ensure a high level of integrity and cohesion. It's where you come to quantum leap into your soul's evolution.

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When working with me, there is a shift that will automatically take place in your being. An initiation into the depths of your inner calling.

More happens quicker.

Calling in a partner? Looking to activate your intuitive gifts? Need help with your spiritual awakening? Increasing your level of self worth and receiving? Healing old wounds? Honing in on your mission?

When we align with our desired outcome, more happens faster… without needing to understand how.
Clear old energy and old karmic challenges. See what's standing in your way of happiness, abundance, and a fulfilling life. Evolve in your mission, in love, in money, and move forward with grace. 

Save a lot of time. Most people waste time by aligning with fear and programming, instead of with love and freedom. In order to accelerate and expand, you must align with your desired outcome + activate your intuitive connection so that your body, mind and heart, are syncing harmoniously. 

Learn how to disconnect from your human avatar and access divine wisdom and guidance from your higher self and spiritual guides. Remember, they are your biggest support system on Earth. 

Prepare for the next chapter of your life in your awakening, mission, love and purpose. Followed by tons of synchronicities, support and miracles along the way.

Join Jackie for the ASCENSION STRATEGY:

One month of intimate mentorship, channeled guidance, spiritual activations, and a whole new you. Upgrade your body, soul & nervous system.


4 1:1 (90-min) Sessions

In this 1:1 session, you will meet with Jackie once a week to focus on the areas of your life that need attention. Jackie will use the gift of her Oracle and connect with your energy to see where you're limiting yourself. You will be given tools for you to use as daily practices, as well as homework assignments to keep you evolving even after the sessions ($1,800 value).

Voxer Private Chat

Get support from Jackie in real time to facilitate the 1 degree shifts in daily life that support your transformation. Connect with Jackie via text and audio around the clock for a month ($2,000 value).

Receive a 30-day Membership to Jackie's Mighty Networks 

You will receive a 30-day membership to Jackie's Mighty Networks Community with like-minded seekers. This is a collection of articles, videos and workshops to help facilitate your awakening as well as guidance on spirituality, polarity, and intimacy. The launch of Mighty Networks will come Fall of 2023.

Receive a 20% off voucher for any of Jackie's Retreats

You get to choose where you want to travel to, and what kind of retreat to participate in! Jackie is offering retreats for both Men and Women throughout 2023 and 2024. Also, be the first to know when and where her retreats will take place. (Up to $700 off)


(valued at $4,000) 

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