“Jackie thank you so much for embracing your gift as a

and blessing people with your raw talent

of being able to deliver messages from their loved ones. I

will forever cherish the time I was able to spend with my

Mother after she passed via your gift. To feel her spirit and

to be able to receive messages from her was like spending

an hour with my beautiful Mother….”

-Beth G., New York

“I guess you could call me the typical skeptical type. So it

was with that skeptical mindset about 8 years or so ago that

a mutual friend introduced me to Jackie. Next thing I know,

this skeptic was inviting work colleagues and family to meet

her. All that I know that have met her compare others to her

due to her gentle and down to earth nature and spot on

readings that they have remembered fondly even years

later. Jackie is generous of her time and gifts and a joy to

have had the pleasure to have met. Her messages to me

and my family and friends have been meaningful and

evidential, and we hold her in the highest regard.”

–Michele T., New York

“Jackie did 2 readings for me. 1 personal with my Dad that

passed away in 2009. I reached out to Jackie when a friend

told me how incredible her gift is. I was blown away by the

message she was able to pass on to me from my Dad. It

was more than I could have ever imagined. It helped me let

go of the anger I was feeling over his sudden and unfair

passing. I do not hold on to the anger of his passing any

more. I just feel blessed and loved. I was later honored to

be invited to a group reading where not only did I hear from

my Dad again but my Grandma and Uncle that also passed.

I was able to give my Aunt a message. I also learned things

they shared with Jackie I didn't know about. But my family

validated for me once I shared with them. The group

reading also allowed me to enjoy others readings. It was a

group of wonderful women that all shared a loss of a loved

one. It is a magical experience that Jackie offers you. It

makes you laugh and cry. Its a lovely experience. I'm

looking forward to my next reading.”

-Carrie Lee B., Pennsylvania

"I came into with no expectations, but I have had prior experiences and this was beyond anything I have experienced.  I am still processing and overjoyed with the connection with my mom and dad.  More so, I am so grateful for you and our connection.  You have the most beautiful energy and I am genuinely grateful that you are doing this work.  Your messages definitely stepped into my gap(s) to keep doing what I am meant to do."

-Erin B., Indianapolis

I worked with Jackie for the first time at an expo in Upstate NY around the Spring of 2008. She was immediately kind and excited to see my family and I, and invited me into her space, which was beautifully decorated and welcoming. She opened up the session and everything that happened in that next 20 minute span, was nothing short of a very healing gift that I wasn't expecting to receive. Jackie provided clear, accurate images of my father and noted things by which I could easily recognize him, and messages that helped me heal in ways that I hadn't in the years since he died. Jackie also brought through messages about goals I'd been wanting to accomplish - and because of her reading I had the courage to go ahead and do them. I've had the chance to meet with other mediums since then, and while some are excellent, none have been able to compare to Jackie's talent and gift. I've seen her provide group readings as well, with images, messages and healing that are so in tune with the person she's providing a reading for. 
If you're on the fence, if you're nervous, if it's your first time, Jackie is excellent and I can't recommend her highly enough. You'll be glad you saw her.

-Elizabeth R., New York

I received my reading last month and my grandmother came through. My grandmother was able to express that she was at peace and was watching over all of us. She gave some indication on how she died and where that took place as it has always been a mystery. My sister feels very contacted to our grandmother as my mother was pregnant with my sister at her time of death, since my sister moved to Georgia 2 years ago she has had dreams and feelings of my grandmother being near and once she came through and she mentioned Georgia I knew that this was her. Since my reading my sister and I have decided to make a memorial for my late grandmother at my mothers house and have a place of rest and peace. My grandmother will always be with us and I am very grateful for this reading and for Jackie being able to make contact this my dear grandmother.

-Nickole B., North Carolina

I wanted to send a formal thank you for the incredible reading you gave me in Chicago this weekend.  My name is Angie, and you let me sit with you longer than the 20 minutes while we worked some sensitive family drama out :)  I am so grateful to you for giving me that really important time -- you didn't have to do that at all, and you totally went with me on it.  I can't tell you how much *finally* confronting this meant to me.bI have been wrestling with this for 20 YEARS!  Thank you for the closure.  What you're doing for people is a blessing, and I hope you know how much it means to us.

-Angie C., -Illinois

"I have started and restarted this email 5 times, trying to think of the perfect way to say thank you, but I think I am just going to keep it simple. I am grateful for your gift. I am grateful you choose to share it. I am grateful for the person you are and your generous spirit. Our reading last week has shifted my world, opened up entirely new perspectives for me. I realized that deep down, I already had the answers but hearing it come through you was exactly what I needed. So, thank you a million times over. I can't wait for our next one."

-Jen, Florida

"Thank you so much. This made me cry, and also comforted me. 
You are amazing!"

-Sherry, North Carolina

"Jackie, I just wanted to thank you so much for the reading! I felt so comfortable with you and you made my day bright and loving. Thank you so much for sending me messages with light and love! You truly are a blessing! :) I hope you have a wonderful day! Lots of love and light."

-Rachael, Long Island

"Jackie, I wanted to thank you for your reading last week!! It has been life-changing. It took me a few days to process and honestly I think I am still processing. Again, thank you so much for sharing your gift. It was a beautiful experience for me."

-Laura, Florida

"Jackie I just wanted to say THANK YOU! You did a reading for me this past Saturday at the expo. IT was AMAZING and you were GREAT. I got exactly who i wanted to hear form and everything you said was right on point. My questions I have had since she passed were answered and a great weight was lifted off my shoulders. I will come to you again and again for readings, I can never thank you enough. I will be seeing you soon ‪#‎mymomgavemeaboxofchocolates".

-Dawn, Florida

"I received a reading from Jackie some time ago, after losing my mother to cancer.  I was hesitant not really sure what to expect and part of me was skeptical.

Jackie is a very caring person, she put me at ease immediately.  My son was very young at the time and he was mesmerized by her.   He was in kindergarten at the time and most toddlers are running around and that night he just sat on the couch and was quiet. 

The reading: as we started the process I felt something come over me a calm as if my mom was right next to me I could feel her spirit.  The things discussed were things that only my mother and myself would know.  Tears streamed down my face but they were happy tears as I knew she had crossed over and was now at peace.  The process was a journey I had never imagined I could experience.  Jackie was and will always be considered family. 

What the reading did for me was offer a peace I thought I would never experience after I lost my mom. 

Jackie has a gift given to her by God and she uses it to bring peace to people who have lost loved ones.  It’s real I can attest to that because of the things that were relayed during my reading.  Things that only my mother and I knew. 

I am and will be forever grateful to her for that night and the gift that she gave me. 

I would highly recommend Jackie as she is professional, courteous, accurate, and compassionate."

-Kelli, New York