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1:1 Men's Coaching

In the past, and unfortunately in parts of our modern day world, men had to go to war. Men had to fight and in many situations even kill, in order to survive. There were times where men lived in a constant state of chronic stress and anxiety in order to protect their family. In order for a man to go to war, he had to learn how to shutdown his heart, his emotions, and push away any feelings of regret or guilt simply because the pain would be too deep.


For many men, closing their heart and suppressing painful emotions is a survival strategy.


A man's spiritual awakening always starts with an awakening of some sort. This awakening is often triggered by the following reasons: he loses someone in his life and experiences the different phases of grief, a woman he loves deeply leaves him because of his behavior, or he experiences an event (divorce or loss of a job). 

When a man breaks down and realizes that avoiding or escaping awakening no longer works, something profound shifts within him. His hunger for growth becomes stronger than anything else. This is the path of a spiritual warrior. The path where he must choose to face his shadow, no matter how much darkness and pain he will endure. 

For men, there usually becomes a point in their life where their wounds are so strongly mirrored by the feminine, that it becomes clear that the only thing that matters to them is to awaken and be free. Doing the inner work is no longer a choice but an absolute necessity. 

In Jackie's coaching practice for men, she focuses on bringing your shadow to the light. She offers the divine mirror of the feminine and oracle, to coach you on how to show up for yourself, embodied in your core masculinity. You will come face-to-face with the divine feminine mirror, that will also trigger any wounds with the feminine that still reside within you. This coaching session is for the man who is done experiencing the same patterns, wounds, routines, insecurities and fears that keep him from focusing on his mission and embodying his truth. 

Jackie's coaching calls are 60-minutes. At the end of each call, she will give you some tools that she will recommend specifically for you, so that you can incorporate them into your daily practice.

Apply here and book a 60-min 1:1 coaching session with Jackie
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