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Drapes and Hugs

What is a Karmic relationship? 


“A soul contract we have with another soul to help clear old Karma and to heal deep wounds.”


We come in with this Karmic contract with the intention to heal and clear out old wounds. Karmic partners can come in and help clear Karma with other Souls, or Past Lives. 


Here’s the energy dynamic for Karmic partners: In these relationships, there are strong energy cord attachments in the lower three chakras, especially the sexual chakra. We’re being drawn to these partners with these lower chakras. We can magnetize to them with the use of these cords! BUT they don’t allow the energy cords at the Heart Chakra.


The difference between a Karmic and a Sacred Partner (Twin Flame) when it comes to energy dynamics, is that the Sacred Partner is connected to you through the Heart Chakra cord. Whereas the Karmic is connected to you through the lower three chakras.


Why do the cords of the lower three chakras connect Karmic partners together? In order to magnetize together quickly. That is the purpose of the Karmic connection, to move together quickly and release old wounds and Karma. 


Two reasons why Karmic connections come together:


  1. To clear old Karma & wounds


This can be Karma with this specific Soul, or that Soul could be stepping in, to serve that Karmic contract to help clear out Karma that you had with other Souls in past lives. When these partners come in, we’re familiar with them as we’ve lived many lives with them.


2.) To learn lessons


Karmic partners serve as life’s greatest teachers! The reason they’re doing that is to show you deep lessons and deep wounds that you need to see around specific topics in your life. A few of the main lessons they come in to teach you are: Personal Power, Sovereignty, and Belonging (lessons of the lower chakras!). Karmic relationships will come in and mirror to us exactly what we don’t want, and what we don’t deserve. Unfortunately, they are teachers that come in to teach us about pain.


The top 10 signs of a Karmic:


  1.  An instant connection


A feeling of familiarity because we’ve had lots of drama with them in past lives! The connection is instant because of the energy connection at the sexual chakra, so we feel this immense amount of passion towards them. A lot of time, this sexual chemistry can be mistaken for “True Love”. A lot of times in the way we live relationships down here, we mistaken sexual chemistry and energy cords at the lower chakras for True Love. This is because: we don’t have a lot of examples on earth of what true unconditional love really is, and/or our minds interpret the energy draw at the lower chakras as “love”. 


So with a Karmic relationship, the sexual energy is there, but the unconditional love is not.


2.) Something is off


You will feel the strong pull to this Karmic partner, but deep down inside something will feel off. It will feel like some “red flag”. A deep knowing of something is off from the start, even with the deep pull towards each other. It’s that feeling of “this may be painful”. The only way to feel this is if you check deep within your intuition. A lot of people don’t realize this until after the Karmic relationship is over.


3.) You know them


Deep sense of familiarity with them. This is because you’ve spent a lot of time on Earth with them before, in previous incarnations. This is where the “Hollywood Romanticizing” of the mind comes in because we mistaken this familiarity with love. You can know someone from a past life, but the connection not be predicated in love. The ego can misinterpret this connection from the start! The difference between a Karmic relationship and a Sacred Partner (Twin Flame) is that, in a Karmic connection it feels familiar whereas the Sacred Partner connection it feels like Home. The energies are different. One is predicated in love, one is not.


4.) There is a lot of drama and conflict


This is expected in a Karmic relationship because the whole purpose is to clear Karma, clear old wounds, step into your power, and have these deep lessons. So of course this is going to happen. But also, the foundation of this connection is not pure love. If it was a pure connection through the heart (Sacred Partner), then you can overcome any drama or conflict.


5.) They bring out your Shadow


A lot of people get confused about this sign with a Sacred Connection. In Sacred Connections, you can also have the mirroring of deep wounds and things within you that you don’t recognize or see. But the difference here is that in a Karmic partner, you have mirroring of the things that you disavow in you, the things that you don’t like in you, the Karmic partner brings out the worst in you. Whereas in a Sacred Connection, it will mirror back aspects of your Shadow, but it’ll also mirror back the best of you. The Karmic partner doesn’t do that. 


So again: the Sacred Partner mirrors all of you, and the Karmic partner only mirrors the worst of you. The Karmic partner will bring out the worst in you, compared to any other partner on the planet!


6.) The connection feels heavy


Even though the connection can be passionate and intense, what happens is you will still feel a huge heaviness. Like a weight constantly on your shoulders. Like you’re carrying the connection or the relationship. There is no light-heartedness in the relationship.


7.) Passionate Energy


The passionate energy usually happens in the beginning of this Karmic relationship, it’s how the Souls draw to each other. It’s through the chemistry and this passion. The passionate energy can continue throughout all the drama that you have. But for a lot of people, as they’re working through the connection and questioning if this is a Karmic relationship, or they start to work on themselves, they will notice that this passionate energy disintegrates and fades away. Why? Because the only purpose the passionate energy was there in the first place, was to clear old Karma and old wounds. 


These connections are not made to last a lifetime. As one partner/both partners start to do the inner work, the energy starts to dissolve between them, and then the relationship will start to feel boring. Some people breakup in a dramatic way, and some Karmic connections will just fizzle away. Now this is a good sign, because it means that you’ve been doing your work and clearing these old wounds, and then there is no reason for your Souls to be together.


8.) Lack of safety in the connection


Because you’re brought together with this passionate energy, there is a deep part of you that doesn’t feel safe in this connection. Why? Because safety comes from the pureness of the connection of the heart. 


So even though the pull is strong and there could be a lot of attachment and your ego could also believe this is love, there is a huge part of you that says: I don’t trust this person. I don’t feel safe here. The more drama and conflict in the connection, the less safe you’ll feel. Once each partner doesn’t feel safe, they become guarded and are not able to communicate their needs and desires. 


9.) Co-dependency issues


Because these Karmic relationships are brought together through the lower chakras, they’re going to bring up a lot of your wounding especially with bonding. This could also come from when you were a child, and the ways in which you were raised. So these relationships can become very co-dependent. 


Co-dependency is when you get lost in the connection. You use the relationship to feel worthy or to feel any sense of self-worth or self-esteem. There’s a lot of immaturity and bonding through woundedness. 


10.) These connections can be hard to release!


These connections can be so hard to release because coming out of the connection, we feel as though we love that person so much. But that’s not really true. And we already know that’s not true, but it’s a misinterpretation of the mind. 


What is really happening, is the mind interprets that as: “I can not leave this connection because we love each other so much”. 


That’s not what’s really happening. This connection is hard to let go of because of the intensity of the energy cords at these lower chakras. It’s a very intense pull, especially if the inner work is not being done. Now, it’s hard to release when those cords are established and you’re in the middle of the connection and you’re not yet aware of the Karma and the wounds and the lessons. Once you do, the connection starts to disintegrate, but it can be hard to leave because of the strength of these cords in the lower chakras. Some have to use their entire will to come out of a Karmic connection sometimes. 


Biggest mistake with Karmic relationships: 


            Overextending the Soul contract. 


People stick around in these relationships longer than the Soul intended! They get stuck in the human drama, they mistake this relationship for true love, and they end up getting completely embedded in it. 


Protip: Karmic relationship are usually meant to be temporary.


Very rarely, a Karmic relationship is meant to be lifelong. These relationships are supposed to come in very intensely, help you clear stuff up and then prepare you for a Sacred Connection! That’s usually what Karmic relationships do. It’s not meant to be that life-long relationship. We also tend to overextend this contract because of the familiarity. This is human nature. Many times we stick with what is familiar, even if it's painful.


How to Let Go: 


  1. Become aware that you’re in a Karmic relationship but also become aware of the lessons, become aware of the Karma, becoming aware of everything that this Soul is bringing up and showing you.


Awareness represents about 85% of the whole healing process altogether. When you become aware of something, you’ve already healed that something 85%. Becoming aware specifically of the repeated patterns or repeated behaviors and cycles with this person, is showing you the Karma. 


Here is an opportunity for you to journal and heal:


a.) Write down and answer: What happens to you in this connection (for example: I lost myself in this connection, I have no boundaries in this connection, etc)


b.) Write down: the Karma that you’re experiencing in this connection (the cycles)


c.)  Write down and answer: What is this Soul teaching me? 


d.) Write down and answer: What have you learned from this relationship (for example: I will never give away my power, I will always stand alongside someone without losing my power, I’m going to communicate my needs, I will know my worth and what I deserve)


2.) Clear and Integrate


Now that you’ve become aware of all the Karma, wounds and lessons, now it’s time to start clearing and integrating all of this. When it comes to clearing Karma, you can do a clearing ceremony:


  1. Find a space in your home that is comfortable

  2. Light some candles or burn some sage and set the intention to work with your Spiritual team. Archangel Michael works really well in being able to step in and clear Karma

  3. State that you’re ready to clear the Karma and state an affirmation to help release. For example, if you notice that you had a Karmic cycle of being left, you will say an affirmation like this: “I clear the Karma of: being left or abandoned in all directions of time and in all planes of existence now.” Repeat this over and over. You can use this affirmation with other Karmic cycles as well


Pro tip: Put your hands on your lower chakras (Karmic energy cords), below the belly button, and repeat your affirmation(s).


Once you’ve completed that, put your hands over your heart and say: “I receive and integrate these lessons and dissolve the need to repeat them again.” You are stating to the Universe that there is no reason for you to attract another Karmic partner again. That you are ready to release this. It also opens up the energy!


3.) Take action 


This is a hard one for a lot of people! You can do all of the clearing that you want, but if you stay in the connection, the cords will reestablish themselves. One of the primary ways these cords dissolve is by you taking action and releasing the connection. This is necessary. Just the action of walking away will detach these cords. 


1.) What happens in a lot of Karmic relationships, is that one partner will abruptly walk away. Something will click within them, and they will walk and cut the connection right then and there.


2.) Another way Karmic connections will end is through step-by-step action. They start to become aware of the Karma, and start working on themselves, then take small action steps towards the same ending but in smaller steps. They will start to work on their personal power and boundaries, and as soon as they do that, the connection starts to disintegrate. 


3.) The final step is when the Final Karmic resolution comes. It’s when the cords disintegrate and you become grateful for this connection with a lot of love and gratitude. Despite this connection being very painful, there’s a lot to be grateful for


Protip: Don’t bypass the inner work. Why? Because you’ll just attract another Karmic partner! Do not bypass the steps of letting go!

This brings me to the end of this article. I hope that this information was helpful! With these types of relationships comes a lot of lessons and healing. Be gentle with yourself.


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