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A 2-hour live virtual workshop with Jackie

June 24th @ 12:00 pm EST (New York)

A workshop for women...

The Awakened Feminine is devoted to her oracle and allows the truth of divine intelligence to move through her. She embodies both her light and dark feminine energy and takes responsibility for her actions and shadow.

This is a 2.5 virtual workshop with Jackie where she will teach you how to embody your feminine oracle...


The generational trauma and ancestral trauma of the feminine has been passed from from generation to generation. It's impossible to say when exactly in history this trauma began, but what we do know is that, ancient tribes that has been passed down from native cultures who deeply honored the feminine. The suppression of the feminine was not always the "normal". Once upon a time, the wisdom and gifts of the feminine were deeply honored and respected.

The feminine is the gatekeeper of the sacred. Her connection to the Earth, to Mother Nature, the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom, is different than how it is with men. Her light can pierce right through the human shadow and illuminate what needs to be alchemized from within. 

The sacred wisdom flows effortlessly through the feminine, through her oracle. This is why the feminine was so honored and respected by ancient tribes. Everything would go through the test of her oracle first. 

woman in white dress sitting on white te

A woman's oracle is the embodied intelligence of the universe. Every woman has an oracle which is an all-seeing intelligence, one that goes beyond anything a human mind could ever grasp. The same intelligence that has created the body, mother nature, eco-systems, flows through a woman's oracle.

It begins with an impulse, in the form of an intuitive feeling or "gut feeling". Sometimes it can even come in the form of a voice or through thoughts, depending on her level of consciousness. 

To embody her oracle, the feminine needs to be open to the intuitive impulses of her oracle and to express them unapologetically! If she operates from a place of low self-worth and limits herself in embodying these intuitive impulses from her oracle, then she is in disservice to love. 

Decades and decades of collective trauma for the feminine has led us to a disconnection between women and their oracle, which in turn allows the masculine shadow (most dominant on earth), to rise, and then she can no longer stand the tests of love and truth. 

In this workshop, you will learn about the generational trauma of the feminine, the disconnection between women and their oracle, the masculine shadow, and how to embody your oracle so that you can stand in your truth, and invite more love, intimacy and connection into your life.

Join me on June 24th @ 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time (New York) for a 2.5 hour live virtual workshop
Cost: $122
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