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Hi, I'm Jackie

"What you seek, is seeking you." -Rumi


I like to look at my life in chapters that led me to where I stand today: a teacher and healer for others.

Every chapter and life experience has guided me more into my own conscious evolution and awakening.


I've been through quite a few spiritual awakenings that have served as catalysts that helped me uncover my absorbed conditioning, deep core wounds, limitations and limited beliefs. All of these limitations were preventing me from aligning with my truest path and purpose, and didn't allow me to remember who I was (I lost my power). 

After a few traumatic life events, I used a combination of healing practices and modalities that would take me into the deeper, more authentic realms of myself and would open me to more bliss than I ever imagined. I realized the soul gifts that were beyond my comprehension as well as a deep unshakeable sense of who I am, and how I'm most authentically called to serve in this life.


As a child, I was extremely spiritually sensitive and solitary at times. I found peace being alone singing to the trees and talking to the stars. My heart was open with curiosity to the mysteries of life.



At the age of 13, my parents decided to end their marriage. I was absolutely devastated because the vision of having a forever "happy" household was ending. This was the first significant traumatic event that led me to many years of disconnection and people pleasing. I was disconnected from my true self, constantly looking to please others while neglecting myself and my own needs. 


At the age of 17, I went through my first spiritual awakening that became instrumental to my spiritual journey. A friend of mine passed away and suddenly my intuitive gifts came online. This was the beginning of my spiritual awakening. Shortly after, I started learning how to embody my oracle and develop my intuitive gifts as a divine feminine. At the age of 19, I began coaching clients by tapping into their energy field and teaching them how to unlock their intuitive gifts.  

I was evolving and immersing myself into new spiritual concepts, devoting myself towards my mission as a spiritual guide and teacher. 


Years went by and in my late-twenties, I found myself in a relationship, engaged, and starting a family. During those four years, I gave birth to four boys (I was gifted a set of twins)! Life looked fulfilling on the outside, but on the inside I became disconnected from myself.


Despite me being so disconnected from myself, my life became too comfortable and the Universe must have known it was time for a change.


All of a sudden, my relationship crumbled like the tower card in Tarot and I became a single Mom of four boys. 

I had to learn to rise on my own. I had to learn how to keep it together on the outside...even though I was completely shattered with pain on the inside. Playing the role as Mother, Father and provider, I started to live solely in hyper-masculinity as I felt unsafe to stay in my feminine anymore.  


Shortly after I became comfortable with being a single Mom, I entered another relationship. I could see aspects of myself in this person. The good, the bad, and the ugly


This person came in to place a mirror on my own personal mantle, because I was able to see and feel every bit of trauma and insecurity buried deep within me. This is when I discovered: The Dark Night of the Soul, Karmic Relationships, Sacred Relationships and Shadow Work.

After a few years of intense up and downs with this partner, I was confronted (without notice) with one of my biggest unhealed wounds: abandonment. Being left in one of the most traumatic ways possible by someone who I deeply loved and cared for. I was absolutely broken and devastated. 

This was the catalyst for a new chapter and start to a new life...​


Even though the ending of that relationship was traumatic and left me completely and utterly broken, it also gave me everything I needed to set myself free. Free from my mind, free from attachment, and free from illusion.

You see, I realized that I was living solely from mind (most of my life), instead of from my heart. I neglected listening to my inner compass and I was also not embodying my core feminine essence, because of the years I felt like I had to remain in my masculinity for stability. 

This was the experience that I needed to push me back to myself.


I decided to go as deep as possible into my shadow. I wanted to see and feel everything that was broken within me, in order to bring me back to feeling whole. I attended plant medicine ceremonies and retreats, working with the teachers of the plants that showed me many aspects of myself that needed healing. I also started working with different teachers learning polarity (the masculine and feminine energies), spiritual awakening, trauma, and relationships.


I decided to trust the masculine and feminine again. 

I decided to trust myself again. I discovered my voice, my truth, and my power again.


Having the experience of going through difficult life experiences and trauma, closing your heart is something I'm familiar with.


But the tools and knowledge that I've gained from working with trauma, triggers and working with your shadow, has allowed me to live a more peaceful and content life that I'm excited to share with others. 

I've set out to design actionable, effective, simple, and powerful tools that could help others accelerate their spiritual awakenings, heal their trauma and core wounds, open their hearts, and calm their controlling minds. 

If your heart resonates with my story and energy and you're ready to take the plunge and work with me, please visit my retreats page where I'll explain how I can help you become reconnected to your heart, live with passion, remember your purpose and step into your power

Thank you so much for connecting with me. I look forward to helping you open your heart and live a deeply fulfilling life.

-Jackie xx

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